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  • Updated on 2nd May, 2020
    Welcome to Our Official Website...
  • Updated on 2nd May, 2020
    Welcome to our official Website...
  • Updated on 2nd May, 2020
    Admission start...


The foundation of Shri Ram convent school, Bisayach (Barsat) was laid on 23 March 2007. It is an English medium , located in a lush green spacious campus, provides ample scope for development of the students by ensuring conducive physical and social environment. The school is efficiently run by a managing body comprising of retired Air Force Officer & other visionary educationists. Led by a highly qualified Principal,...
  • Manager's Message


    It's a privilege to head the very energetic and accomplished Shri Ram Convent School wonderful support from our esteemed...
  • Chairman's Message

    (Mrs Asha dhahima)

    "The Roman emperor Hadrian once said, “While building The Roman Empire, Brick my citizens, brick by brick." After rigorous...
  • Principal

    (Dr. Latakashyap)

    Our principal Dr. Latakashyap is the enlightened source who leads us with a single minded dedication towards our goals...

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  • Shivanshu Singh

  • Shivanshu Singh

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  • Saurav Nanar

  • Sweta Kasana

  • Kamini

  • Sneha Nanar

  • Soni

  • Devesh Kumar Nagar